Gifts for Scuba Divers

Water, water everywhere! That is certainly the case if you are a scuba diver. Diving is a magical sport. Between the feeling of near weightlessness and the world of fish and coral, it is very interesting and a whole lot of fun.

6 Gifts That Divers Will Love

To get the perfect gift for a diver you need to look beyond the typical gear. I have searched through the hundreds of potential gifts and found the perfect six. Whether you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift idea, or other holiday gifts like Valentine’s Day or Hanukkah or even a birthday, the scuba diver in your life is sure to appreciate these fun and practical ideas!

#1 gift idea for scuba divers
underwater slate

Underwater Slate

This handy 4” x 4” slate attaches to your wrist with a wrist strap and comes in a “book” design. It has 5 writing surfaces and a pencil that is attached to a leash. The slate is smartly designed and works great as a communication device between two divers. It is especially good for new divers.

Knives make great diving gifts
Dive Knife

U.S. Divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife

This highly rated knife is made of titanium which is a very strong and lightweight metal. It doesn’t rust in the water, which is a big plus for scuba divers who are in water all the time. It is a great safety device to add to a scuba divers gear bag, and will help get them out of nets or anything else they may get caught in.

Diving Gear Set
Diving Gear Set

Scuba Diving Equipment Package Set

This set is perfect for a new diver. It comes with a VEO 100 computer, an Alpha 8 DVT regulator, and Alpha 8 octopus, and an OceanPro BCD. This kit contains many of the items that a new diver needs and is high quality as well.

Diving Flash Light
Diving Flash Light

Diving Flashlight

Every scuba diver needs a good flashlight in their gear kit, and this highly rated flashlight will perform under pressure. This light is specifically meant for diving and other outdoor uses where it will take a beating. It is completely water proof to 400 feet, and can be used on deep sea dives. It has a wrist cuff and strap so that it doesn’t float away under water. This is a gift that will be appreciated by any diver.

Go Pro Diving Camera
Go Pro Diving Camera

Go Pro HD Helmet HERO Camera

This waterproof camera takes amazingly clear video and still shots of your diver’s experience. It mounts to nearly any helmet with the included mounts for a hands free recording. It lets your diver review the magic of the underwater world.

Electronics Dry Case
Electronics Dry Case

Electronics Dry Case

Your diver may not need to take their smart phone with them on the actual dive, but they may want it while they are getting there. This vacuum seal case will keep a divers electronics dry and safe from moisture. It has a neoprene armband and a neck lanyard included and features a crystal clear pouch so you can still see and use your electronics. It also has an integrated headphone jack so you can listen to tunes while keeping your electronics dry.

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Have you given a scuba diver a gift they have absolutely loved?

If you have given an amazing gift or if you know of something that your scuba diver loves, then let us know. Simply, put your suggestions in the comment box below. I would love to hear from you!

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