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Gift ideas for the paddler in your life, whether their preferred transport is a stand up board, canoe, or kayak, you’ll find a gift idea for them with our suggested gift ideas for paddlers!

Nothing like a day of calm clear paddling to exercise your body while relaxing your soul.

Nothing like a day of calm clear paddling to exercise your body while relaxing your soul.

Kayakers and canoers are a very different type of boater — they’re probably not going to be in to a lot of the old-time nautical gift stuff that you find on a lot of the rest of this site. Paddlers are more likely to be outdoors enthusiasts who see the kayak and canoe, as a light displacement craft capable of going anywhere), as an excellent way to explore parts of nature that others cannot: rivers, creeks, lakes, rocky shorelines and the like.

So what about gifts for the paddler? Some of these ideas are better suited as gifts for kayakers, while some are gifts for canoeists, and some gift ideas are suited for any type of paddler. You might also find it helpful to browse our list of canoe gifts.

Great Gifts for Paddlers, Kayakers, and Canoeists

  • Seylor Standup PaddleboardStand-up Paddleboard
    Stand-up paddleboarding is not canoeing or kayaking, but it is a paddle sport, and one that’s extremely hot right now at that. Many surf kayakers (and surfers) are taking to paddleboarding as a more adventurous way to paddle than traditional kayaking. I can’t imagine a better gift for someone who always likes to try the latest adventure sports!
  • Kayaking Santa Christmas OrnamentKayaking Santa
    Ever wondered what Santa does in the off-season? Yep, I always knew he was a paddler. Look no further for a cute Christmas gift for boaters of all types.
  • Water glovesNeoprene Water Gloves
    Good paddling gloves, like a good gift for paddlers, should be comfortable, good in and out of water, and long-lasting: these fit the bill on all accounts!
  • Clear Dry BagsClear Dry Bags
    For the more practically minded, a gift idea that any kayaker, canoer, or paddler will definitely use: dry bags that actually let you find your stuff! I can’t believe nobody thought of this earlier…
  • Rooftop Kayak Santa OrnamentOutside Inside Kayak Santa Ornament
    It doesn’t get much cuter than this Christmas ornament from Outside Inside. If you still need a few stocking stuffers for the kayaker on your list, consider this the ultimate Christmas gift for paddlers.
  • Pro Packlite PaddlePro Paddle
    Eventually the standard aluminum paddle doesn’t quite cut it, and the avid kayaker will begin to pine after a lighter weight composite paddle with a more aggressive blade — one like this actually! Think of it this way: with this gift for kayakers, you’re giving the gift of speed!
  • Composite Kayak PaddleComposite Multi-part Paddle
    If you’re looking to choose a gift for paddlers that really impresses, consider this lightweight composite paddle– great gift for kayakers who transport their boats by car and can’t easily fit a conventional paddle.
  • Kayak WorktableKayak Worktable
    If you’re looking for a gift for a kayaker who also enjoys fishing (or the other way around), then this “kayak worktable” may be just the ticket! One of the major problems of fishing from a kayak is where to keep all of your stuff. This gift turns any kayak into a fishing kayak by giving you a stable safe and convenient workspace to manage your fishing gear.
  • Inflatable Kayak Deluxe PackageInflatable Kayak
    If kayaking is just something you like to do say on family vacations, or as an escape from your main boat, then an inflatable kayak might be the right gift choice for you. Doesn’t have the speed or durability of a hard shell kayak, but you can take it pretty much anywhere!
  • Expedition Inflatable KayakAdvanced Frame Expedition Inflatable Kayak
    Here’s my review of this kayak: awesome, awesome, awesome!!! The Advanced Frame Expedition Inflatable Kayak combines the strength and agility of hard-shell kayaks with the portability of an inflatable. People have been taking these boats deep into the wilderness and then exploring remote lakes and rivers with them. This combo kayak really can do anything, and this is a great price for it, making it an excellent gift for boaters of all types.
  • Sit-on-top angler fishing kayakFishing Kayak
    Many people have discovered how great it can be to use a kayak for fishing. For the solo fisherman, it’s a lot simpler and cheaper to use a kayak rather than a large boat, there’s no engine noise to scare away the fish, you can go faster than a rowboat, and you can go just about anywhere without worrying about hitting bottom. The Angler Kayak was designed to target this growing niche of kayak fisherman, and it makes a great gift for fishermen who paddle!
  • Pelican Dry CasePelican Dry Case
    If you’re like me, half the reason you’re out in a kayak is to capture on film some of the amazing scenery that you can only see from the water. And you also spend the whole time worried about a roll destroying your expensive camera gear. Well, no longer! If someone gives you this great kayaking gift, you can keep cameras, cell phones, wallets, etc. safe regardless of how wet it gets!
  • Tsunami Touring KayakTouring Kayak
    If you’re giving a kayak as a gift, consider this model from Wilderness Systems. This is a touring kayak– built to strike the perfect balance between comfort and performance, it will treat you well for many years to come!
  • Mini AnchorMini Anchor
    What do you do when you’re in a canoe/ kayak and you need to stop? Canoes and kayaks are so light even the slightest wind or current can send them scooting away. With this lightweight portable anchor you can stop mid-paddle at just the right fishing hole, or to watch wildlife, take a picture, etc. — a million uses for this gift!
  • Paddle GripsPaddle Grips
  • Waterproof MP3 PlayerWaterproof MP3 Player
    Now you can listen to your music no matter how wet it gets in the kayak or canoe!
  • ld Town Guide CanoeOld Town Guide Canoe
    The Old Town Guide is one of the classic canoe designs, and I’ve never seen it at such a low price. If you’ve been considering getting a canoe for a while, I definitely recommend taking advantage of this sale. You won’t be disappointed in this rock-solid canoe, and whoever is the lucky recipient of the canoe gift is bound to be thrilled!
  • Canoe Kayak SailCanoe and Kayak Sail
    A unique and super fun gift idea for kayakers or canoers.
  • Loose Fit RashguardLoose Fit Rashguard (Men’s)
    Paddling involves a lot of upper body movement, and also the likelihood of getting wet. This kayaking gift for men is quick-drying, smooth on the skin, and super comfortable even after a lot of miles!
  • Women's Loose Fit RashguardWomen’s Paddling Rashguard
    A great gift for women paddlers!
  • Paddling with these is so comfortable you don’t even need gloves anymore! Makes a great gift for the recreational paddler or someone who likes to put in a lot of miles exploring with a kayak.

Your Gift Ideas for Paddlers?

Are you a passionate paddler? I could use your help! I know this list of gifts isn’t as complete as it could be. Have I forgotten some creative and unique gift idea that every paddler will absolutely love? Let me know what you think in the comment box below!

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