Gifts for Fishermen

Need a great gift idea for a fisherman on your list this year?

Give the gift of tranquility by helping fishermen do what they love.

Give the gift of tranquility by helping fishermen do what they love.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the difference between a rod and a reel, you can still choose a great gift for the fisherman on your list if you follow my advice!

Like others passionate about their sport, fisherman are usually going to love pretty much any gift that has something to do with fishing. But if you want to give a really great fishing gift, here’s my advice for narrowing down the list of potential fishing gift ideas:

  • First, you don’t want to get something they already have — that’s why I’ve chosen items that are new or unusual. Every fisherman is already going to have a rod and a reel, for example.
  • Second, look for the latest and greatest. Especially if you’re buying gifts for a man, guys love gadgets! If there’s something new that will impress their fishing buddies, that can be a great gift for guys
  • Third, look for quality: good quality items from trusted brands are always appreciated. That’s why I’ve only put things on this gift ideas list if they are from a brand that fishermen know and trust!

The Best Gifts for Fisherman:

  • Sit-on-top angler fishing kayakFishing Kayak
    A kayak for fishing? Yep, it’s true — the avid fisherman knows a quiet lightweight boat that can go anywhere is a great way to find the fish! Another recommended gift for fishermen!
  • Combination Fishfinder ChartplotterCombination Fishfinder/ GPS Chartplotter
    Fishing made easy!
  • Kayak WorktableKayak Worktable
    If you’re looking for a gift for a kayaker who also enjoys fishing (or the other way around), then this “kayak worktable” is perfect! Turns any kayak into a fishing kayak by giving you a stable safe and convenient workspace to manage your fishing gear.
  • Mini AnchorMini Anchor
    Wish I had one of these in my canoe — gift list anyone?
  • Christmas CardsThe Perfect Christmas Cards for a Boater
    Christmas gifts for boaters by boaters!
  • Small Craft Safety Bag
    Small Craft Safety Bag

    Safety makes a great gift!
  • FastFind PLB
    FastFind 210 GPS Personal Location Beacon
    A great gift for the boater who appreciates safety and likes cool gadgets!
  • Clamp-on Rod Holder
    Clamp-On Rod Holder

    This gift idea keeps your rod at the ready for anytime a fishing opportunity should arise!
  • Cruisers-FishingFishing for Cruisers
    Fun book will teach you how to fish from your boat, whether you’re cruising the Caribbean, the San Juan Islands, or anywhere in between!
  • Tacklebox OrnamentFishing Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Cute and fun Christmas Gift for Fisherman.
  • West Marine Gift Card
    The West Marine Gift Card

    West Marine is like a Mecca for boaters; they have literally everything you could imagine for boating, fishing, sailing, etc. If you can’t choose a boater gift, give ‘em a gift card to West Marine and you can’t go wrong!

  • Digital Fish ScaleDigital Fish Scale
    Another one for our gifts for fishermen list — for the fisherman who actually wants to tell the truth about how big it really was!
  • Ultimate Tackle BoxUltimate Tacklebox
    This may just be the perfect tacklebox, and therefore makes a great gift for any fisherman in need of a little organization, but also finds its way on to our list of the best gifts for boaters– since all boaters could benefit from this kind of organization!
  • Gear VestGear Vest
    Keep all of your boating gear right at hand.
  • Nervous Waters DVDNervous Waters DVD
    THE classic of fishing cinema makes it on to our list of recommended gifts for fisherman.
  • Saltwater Fishing LuresSaltwater Fishing Lures
    Lures for fishermen are like shoes for women: you can never have too many, because each one has a unique purpose!

  • Fisherman’s Vest & PFD

    Is this the perfect gift for a fisherman?

More Fishing Gifts?

Have a suggestion for a great gift idea for fisherman? Are you into fishing and want to make sure you get what’s on your list this year? Help us make this page better and you’ll make fisherman everywhere happier! ;)

Emily R.

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm new to blogging so please feel free to leave helpful comments, suggestions, etc. As you may have guessed, I love boats and all things nautical -- sailing, kayaking, boating, fishing -- if you can do it on the water, I'm into it. I also enjoy coming up with fun, creative, unique gift ideas -- so after years of spending more time than I like to admit browsing shops and surfing the internet for the perfect gift, I finally decided to share some of my favorite finds with others looking for ideas for gifts for boaters. I hope you'll find this website useful! Fair winds! ~Emily

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