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Looking for the perfect gift for a boater or lover of boats? Well, you’re in luck! Here at, that’s what our site is all about. You can browse this site for gift ideas for every budget range, and for every type of boater, from sailor to kayaker to powerboater.

Being a boater myself, and having many friends on my own gift list who are boaters, I’ve spent a LOT of time scouring the interwebs to find this year’s very best gift ideas for boaters. And that, my friends, is exactly what you will find in this list:

  • Recycled Sailcloth BagRecycled Sailcloth Bag
    The perfect gift should be something unique, functional, well-made, and ideally also environmentally friendly. This bag fits the bill perfectly! Made from old sails, it definitely has some green cred, but most importantly it lets sailors show off their passion for their hobby in a way that is classy and uber-creative. I got one of these bags a year ago and can’t tell you how many great comments I’ve received. In fact, two friends liked it so much they’ve bought one for themselves! This is truly a perfect gift idea for boaters.
  • Gimballed Clock and BarometerWeems & Plath Gimballed Barometer and Clock
    For the perfect elegant gift idea, consider this high quality brass barometer/ clock combination. Weems & Plath has been making high quality marine instruments for decades, and it shows in the high quality workmanship that goes into a piece like this. Equal parts work of art and functional tool, I imagine it displayed in a sailor’s office so s/he can be reminded of the sea even while working the “day job”! This is definitely a gift to impress!
  • Nautical Chart Marble ClockNautical Chart Marble Clock
    Another great piece of nautical decor to display in the boater’s home or office, these clocks display a piece of the nautical chart from your favorite boating grounds.
  • Boatowners ManualBoatowner’s Manual
    As the name implies, the Boatowner’s Manual is a book that no boat owner should be without! Sail magazine said “This book should come as standard equipment with every boat. If the boater on your shopping list doesn’t have one yet, get it as a gift!
  • Clear Dry BagsClear Dry Bags
    Boaters have long used dry bags to keep sensitive items safe in the constantly-wet marine environment, but anyone who’s used a dry bag knows that they’re not exactly user-friendly. Basically just one long tube, there are no pockets for organization, and you can spend hours digging through your dry bags trying to remember which one has the chap stick. Now there’s a better way. Clear dry bags let you immediately see what is in each bag, and where it is, so you don’t have to waste time digging. I haven’t seen many boaters who have these yet, so it definitely should make a good gift for any boater!
  • Explorer ReliefBand

    Explorer Motion Sickness Relief Band
    If you’ve ever spent time on a boat in less than ideal conditions, you know how quickly motion sickness can spoil the fun. Of course there are pills you can take, but they have side effects that are often worse than the disease (they put you to sleep). Finally, there’s a sea sickness cure that doesn’t require drugs: the Explorer Motion Sickness Relief Band from Abbot Labs. This is FDA-approved so you know it’s legit, and it works by providing electronic stimulation that blocks the signals that cause nausea. A great gift for any boater that gets seasickness (and really, who doesn’t?!).

  • Global Fix Cat 1 EPIRBGlobalFix iPRO Category I GPS-Enabled EPIRB
    If you’ve ever read the book Black Wave (or nearly any other modern sea survival story, for that matter), then you know that the family’s lives were ultimately saved thanks to a mysterious little device called an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). In interviews, the father of the family has said that they had hesitated about buying an EPIRB because of the cost. Little did he know that little “splurge” would ultimately be responsible for saving their lives. Nothing makes a better gift than safety, and an EPIRB is the ultimate in boating safety, automatically transmitting your location and a distress signal if it detects that the boat is sinking (it can also be manually activated). The GlobalFix iPRO Category I EPIRB shown here is the latest generation, and the top-rated EPIRB at West Marine– you can be proud giving this to any Boater on your Gift List!

  • Sailing World Dr Crash CalendarSailing World’s Best of Dr. Crash Calendar
    Looking for a gift that’s economical, but still unique and enjoyable? Consider this one-of-a-kind calendar from the venerable Sailing World. Hundreds of calendare have pictures of boats, but this one’s different: it features high-powered racing yachts captured at the moment of capsizing, and the result is a dozen stunning images that are sure to take the breath away of any sailor or boater. The best gift for boaters that costs less than $20!
  • Weather StationTraditional Brass Weather Station
    Boaters who are fans of traditional nautical instruments will especially appreciate this gift idea. Mounted on a slab of polished Mahogany are three high quality weather instruments from the venerable Weems & Plath: a barometer, quartz clock, and a comfortmeter (a combination hygrometer for measuring humidity and thermometer). Give this to your favorite boater, and he or she will always know what the weather is like outside (also makes a great display item!).
  • Model SchoonerModel Ship Schooner
    Every boater enjoys model ships, and this lovely schooner model is one of the best I’ve seen!

  • Brass Harbormaster TelescopeBrass Harbormaster Telescope
    Back in the day the harbormaster would sit in his perch and use a telescope like this one to observe the ships coming and going, in order to keep track of what was happening in his harbor. Now the traditional wood and brass telescope is likely to be looked at as much as looked through — it makes a great nautical decor piece in any boater’s home!

Please try some of the other articles on this site to discover more great ideas for gifts for boaters!

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Hi, I'm Emily! I'm new to blogging so please feel free to leave helpful comments, suggestions, etc. As you may have guessed, I love boats and all things nautical -- sailing, kayaking, boating, fishing -- if you can do it on the water, I'm into it. I also enjoy coming up with fun, creative, unique gift ideas -- so after years of spending more time than I like to admit browsing shops and surfing the internet for the perfect gift, I finally decided to share some of my favorite finds with others looking for ideas for gifts for boaters. I hope you'll find this website useful! Fair winds! ~Emily

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    Nevertheless choosing the perfect gift is less marketing than art form.

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    These are fantastic gift ideas for boaters! My favorite is the recycled sailcloth bag, very cool.

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