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Sailboat gifts make a wonderful gift for any occasion! Please see our list of recommended sailboat gift ideas below.

For each gift idea, I’ve included a link to the online store where you can currently buy it for the best price. Here you’ll find wooden model sailboats, r/c sailboats, sailboat gifts, sailboat accessories, gear for sailboats, and gift ideas for new sailboat owners. I’ve also included links to other great lists of sailboat gifts found around the internet. All in all, a great place to start when shopping for a gift for the sailor on your list!

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Sailboat Gifts:

  • Model SchoonerModel Schooner
    Model ships just may be the perfect sailboat gift– they capture all the beauty and lines of a sailboat in a convenient form that can be displayed in your living room, office, or in the captain’s cabin!
  • ship-in-a-bottleShip in a Bottle
    What could be a more classic sailboat gift than a ship in a bottle? You’ll never guess how they get the ships in there!
  • Model Square Rigger Wooden ShipModel Square Rigger Wooden Ship
    The old square riggers are arguably among the most beautiful of sailboats. Now you can capture that same look right in your living room with this exquisite model of a classic square rigger.
  • Ships WheelShip’s Wheel
    Nothing evokes the spirit of old fashioned sailboats like a carved wooden captain’s wheel. For the true aficionado of old sailboats, this reasonably-priced ship’s wheel makes a great gift!
  • Teak Logbook CoverTeak Logbook Cover Engraved with the Name of their Boat
    Looking for a gift to add character to your new sailboat? This one fits the bill — a personalized logbook cover made of beautiful teak which can be engraved with the name of your boat.
  • Sailing Racing WatchClear Start Sailing Watch
    Here’s a Sailboat Gift for the truly passionate sailor– the racer! An oversized face lets you see the countdown to race start with just a quick glance, so you can concentrate on keeping boatspeed up while you make sure that you cross the line at exactly the right moment. Trust me, this gift is what sailboat racing is all about!
  • Sailing World Dr Crash CalendarSailing World’s Best of Dr. Crash Calendar
    Admit it, we all secretly like capsizing a sailboat from time to time– it’s how you discover your (and the boats’) limit, and nothing makes you feel more alive than watching the leeward rail bury itself in the water. Now you can capture that excitement without even getting wet thanks to this fun new calendar from Sailing World!
  • Recycled Sailcloth BagRecycled Sailcloth Bag
    A How about a sailboat gift that women will enjoy as well? I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my Recycled Sailcloth Bag, even from non-sailors. It’s very unique, carries a subtle nautical charm, and best of all, it’s eco-friendly!.
  • Model Sea Witch ShipSea Witch Model Ship
    For the truly passionate about sailboats, model ships have a special place as one of the most treasured gifts. These models range from low-cost, pre-assembled versions to incredibly-detailed works of art that have taken nautical historians dozens of hours to accurately replicate details of one of history’s great sailboats. The Sea Witch model is one of my favorites!
  • Sail Trim BookSailing Trim
    How about a gift that helps a sailor make his or her sailboat go faster? This bunk does an excellent job of breaking down the complicated topic of sail trim into easy-to-understand explanations and advice that any type of sailor can put to immediate use to help their boat go faster!
  • Oversized Sailing CalendarOversized Sailing Calendar
    It’s no secret that calendars are all about the pictures. So when you’ve got something as beautiful as a sailboat bashing through waves and wind in the open sea, why only show a small picture? This sailboat gift idea feature a new HUGE photo of a sailboat every month of the year, guaranteed to make the sailor in your life happy!

Still looking for Sailboat Gifts?

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