Personalized Boating Gifts

Personalized Boating Gifts are an especially great way to show your appreciation for the boat-lover in your life! Just as every boat is personal and unique to its owner,

Your boat has a name and a personality-- shouldn't your boating gifts be personalized as well?

Your boat has a name and a personality-- shouldn't your boating gifts be personalized as well?

so should the gifts for that owner be customized to represent that same uniqueness and character which makes the boat (and owner) special. Only personalized gifts can accomplish that!

Fortunately, boating provides plenty of opportunities for thoughtful personalized gifts for boaters. For example, you can offer towels, linens, polo shirts, jackets, or sailing bags embroidered with the ship’s name. If you’re looking for great gifts for the crew, consider ordering official crew shirts embroidered not only with the ship’s logo, but also with the crew name and position.

If you’re looking for personalized nautical gifts for the home, you can choose among many nautical home decor items which can be personalized. Nearly any metal can be engraved, and wood can be carved or affixed with a plaque to add that personal touch and increase pride in ownership.

Our Best Personalized Nautical Gifts

  • Teak Logbook CoverTeak Logbook Cover Engraved with the Name of their Boat
    A very unique and elegant gift idea for boaters. For the non-mariners, a logbook is where you record all the details of your voyage– weather, location, sea conditions, any issues with the boat, etc. It is therefore a central item for a boat. This beautiful teak logbook can be personalized with the name of your boat, sure to make the skipper truly proud every time he makes an entry.
  • Personalized Surfing Santa OrnamentPersonalized Surfing Santa Ornament
    A fun idea for a Christmas gift for boaters, this ornament is sure to appeal to the nautical family who wishes their Christmas season was just a tad more tropical!
  • Personalized Embroidered Crew ShirtPersonalized Embroidered Crew Shirts
    Personalized crew shirts are a must for any sailor who wants to look professional– plus, their crew will love it too!
  • Weather StationTraditional Weather Station
    This classy vintage style weather station can be personalized with a plaque or engraving to make a gift that any boater will love!
  • Nautical Chart Marble ClockNautical Chart Marble Clock
    This clock is just one example of a series items that you can’t printed with a nautical chart of your favorite sailing grounds. Truly a unique gift for boaters! In addition to the clock, you can also get nautical chart marble coaters.
  • Model SchoonerModel Schooner
    A model ship is of course a classic nautical gift, but how is it a personalized nautical gift? Well, that’s where you come in, and a little bit of creativity. Suppose your special someone has a favorite type of boat that they’ve been pining over (or the boat that they own): customize the rigging and the sail cut to match their boat. Add their sail number to the sail, and the boat’s name to the stern. Paint the hull to match the colors of their boat. Finally, get a local trophy shop to add a plaque with the ship’s name, make, and year. Voila! Instant personalized boating gift that any boat owner will love!

More Ideas for Personalized Boating Gifts?

Have you seen any cool personalized boating gift ideas out there on the internet? I’d like to add to this list and provide boaters with even more great gift ideas! If you can help, please just make a comment in the box below. Thank you!

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