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Can’t get enough of canoes or canoeing? Looking for a gift for your favorite canoeist? Here are some suggestions for unique and fun canoe gift ideas that are sure to please.

For each gift idea, I’ve included a link to the online store currently offering the item at the lowest price. I hope you find this gift list useful!

  • Old Town Guide CanoeOld Town Guide Canoe
    A classic design that’s strong, light, and fast like a canoe should be. Probably the best canoe gift (or gift canoe?) this year, if you’re wondering which canoe to get as a gift.
  • Canoe Kayak SailCanoe and Kayak Sail
    Looking to get there just a little bit faster? Need to give the arms a rest from time to time? This is the latest and greatest in canoe gifts: a canoe sail. Once you git the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without!
  • Loose Fit RashguardLoose Fit Rashguard (Men’s)
    Surfers have long known that a good quality rashguard is your best friend when you’re going to be making a lot of potentially-chafing movement in a wet marine environment. But a traditional surfer’s rashguard is tight to fit under a wetsuit. Now, finally, there’s a rashguard that’s built for canoers and kayakers: loose enough to be comfortable and allow full range of paddle movement, with SPF 50+ sun protection and O’Neill quality.
  • Women's Loose Fit RashguardLoose Fit Rashguard (Women’s)
    As above this is the women’s version of the loose fit rashguard — the perfect canoe gift for women.
  • Mini AnchorMini Anchor
    Need to stop your boat for a while? Everyone knows that you use a good anchor. But in a canoe, a traditional anchor will disturb the boat’s hydrodynamics– it just weighs too much. This mini anchor is a neat solution to the problem.
  • Water glovesNeoprene Water Gloves
    Spending hours plying the water with a paddle can be really rough on your hands– especially when the water is icy cold. That’s why a great gift for any canoer or kayaker is a high quality pair of neoprene gloves. These will keep your hands warm while also preventing blisters.
  • Pelican Dry CasePelican Dry Case
    This Dry Case from pelican is a great gift for the canoeist who likes to take pictures, or bring a wallet or other goodies along in the canoe on a trip where things might be getting a little bit wet!

  • Paddle GripsNeoprene Water Gloves
    Paddle Grips are one of those simple, inexpensive items where, once you get them, you wonder how you ever lived without them. These puppies make your paddling so much more comfortable I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate them. And if you buy them as a canoe gift, the same will be said of you!
  • Christmas Cards

    Foggy Runabout Cards
    These are super cute boater’s Christmas Cards that are bound to be a welcome gift for any boater, whether their boat is a canoe or an aircraft carrier.

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