7 “Can’t Miss” Gift Ideas for a New Boat Owner

If the friend or loved one on your gift shopping list has recently become the proud owner of a new boat, then you’re in luck! Buying a boat is just the first step. Much like new homeowners, a new boat owner often has a long list of things they’ll need to add or replace in order to make their boat “just right”.

Best of all, when you buy someone a nice gift for their new boat, you’re greatly increasing the likelihood that they’ll invite you out for a day on the water so you can see it in use!

Best Gifts for the New Boat Owner

To help get your gift search started off on the right foot, I’ve put together a list of recommended gifts for new boat owners. Although there are a ton of things that need to be added or replaced on a new boat, different boats generally require different gear, so in my list I’ve tried to stick to items that are universal — every boat owner should have these things, regardless of whether they own a 14-foot Hobie Cat sailing catamaran or a 72-foot fly bridge power boat. Finally, most of these are hot new items, so even experienced boaters are unlikely to have bought these for themselves already.

  • New Boat Owners KitThe New Boat Owner’s Kit
    As the name implies, this kit includes all of the essentials that a new boat owner requires to take proper care of their expensive new toy. Don’t worry: cleaning one’s boat is generally not a chore like cleaning the house. Many boat owners treat their boat like a lover, and enjoy taking care of her and treating her nicely, so as long as that doesn’t make you too jealous ;) , this gift will be much appreciated!
  • Teak Logbook CoverTeak Logbook Cover Engraved with the Name of their Boat
    I was thrilled when I discovered these beautiful personalized logbook covers blanketed (like most boats) in elegant teak hardwood. In my opinion, something like this is the perfect gift: it’s not a purely functional item that someone is likely to have already bought for themselves, but it is beautiful, something that a boater is going to use every day, and — once engraved with the name of their boat — is sure to become a treasured possession. (For those less familiar with boating practice, a logbook is where one records the day’s events, like weather conditions, position, miles traveled, etc.)
  • Small Craft Safety Bag
    Small Craft Safety Bag; #3118
    Let’s face it, safety is not always the first thing on your mind when you’re headed out to enjoy a day on the water. That’s why this bag is such a perfect gift for the new boater — just throw it in the boat, and you have all of your safety essentials on board. The folks at West Marine have made it so easy to be prepared for anything, there’s really no excuse!
  • Navigation SextantNavigation Sextant
    Sure, everyone has a GPS on board these days. But on boats, rule #1 is that things always break. You still need to be able to find your position if you lose power, or your GPS malfunctions, or you can’t connect to the satellites. That’s where a Sextant comes in. Sextants have been used for centuries to allow mariners to navigate at sea by the sun and stars. Using a precision mechanical instrument like this has an elegance to it that is sure to appeal to the traditionalist boater. And best of all, there’s nothing to break!
  • Combination Fishfinder ChartplotterCombination Fishfinder/ GPS Chartplotter
    OK, a confession: I’ve always been terrible at fishing. It always seemed to me that the old men had some mystical ability to find where the fish were biting that day. Fortunately for people like me, today technology can help even the playing field: a combination Fishfinder and Chartplotter shows you exactly where the fish are, and since it’s built into the chartplotter, you can easily and safely navigate to find your way there. A great gift for the new boat owner who loves to fish.
  • Personalized Embroidered Crew ShirtPersonalized Embroidered Crew Shirts
    After completing our first big voyage, my crew and I were feeling pretty good about ourselves, until we pulled into port and looked at the other crews. The big beautiful yachts didn’t just impress with their size — their crews also looked much more professional, every one with an embroidered crew shirt so you knew exactly what boat they were with even at the bar that evening. Now, even non-megayacht owners can also exude that same professionalism and strengthen crew bonding with these custom embroidered Crew Polo Shirts. It’s also a reasonably-priced gift: barely more expensive than a normal polo shirt!
  • FastFind PLB
    FastFind 210 GPS Personal Location Beacon
    What could be more valuable than the gift of safety? If you read many ocean survival stories, you know that these days EPIRBs or Personal Locator Beacons often play a central role in enabling the “miracle” rescue that allows the sailor to survive. Every year these devices have been getting cheaper and cheaper while also getting smaller. Now it’s to the point where it’s reasonable for every man on board to have one strapped to his or her life jacket while on deck. This is important because when a person is lost overboard it’s usually in less than ideal conditions: storms, waves, pitch-dark, etc. It can only take a few seconds for the man overboard to be out of sight. If they are equipped with a PLB, rescue services can find them regardless of the conditions. IMO, that makes this a great gift for ever new boat owner!

Make your own suggestions for Gifts for New Boat Owners:

Have some ideas that you’d like to add to mine? Feel free to submit suggestions or comments using the box below, and I will add them to this post!

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Hi, I'm Emily! I'm new to blogging so please feel free to leave helpful comments, suggestions, etc. As you may have guessed, I love boats and all things nautical -- sailing, kayaking, boating, fishing -- if you can do it on the water, I'm into it. I also enjoy coming up with fun, creative, unique gift ideas -- so after years of spending more time than I like to admit browsing shops and surfing the internet for the perfect gift, I finally decided to share some of my favorite finds with others looking for ideas for gifts for boaters. I hope you'll find this website useful! Fair winds! ~Emily

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  1. Dani

    Emily, the teak logbook cover was a great idea! I bought one for my former boss, who retired and bought a sailboat.

    I bought the log book at a local West Marine store, where it was on sale (pun not intended), more than 1/2 off the price online! That enabled me to get the logbook to go inside it (and another small gift as well). My ex-boss was very happy with all of the gifts. The logbook cover is classy.

    However, the clerks West Marine told me that Weems & Plath, the manufacturer of the teak logbook covers, wasn’t going to make them anymore. (Perhaps that is why it was on clearance.) I’m glad I was able to get one, and at a great deal. Thanks for the idea!

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