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The Complete List of Gifts for Boaters

Note: My “Gifts for Boaters” list is getting quite large. You might find it more convenient to use the navigation to select a specific category that you’re interested in, like “Gifts for New Boat Owners”, “Gifts for Kayakers”, or “Nautical Gifts”, or browse by price range. Also, the sub-pages contain a lot more detail about each of the gift items, why I recommend it, and who it would be a good gift for, information that you won’t find on this page due to lack of space!

  • Brass SextantBrass Sextant
    This beautiful brass sextant is equal parts work of art and nautical instrument.
  • Recycled Sailcloth BagRecycled Sailcloth Bag
    A perfect gift idea for boaters.
  • Gimballed Clock and BarometerWeems & Plath Gimballed Barometer and Clock
    Excellent for people who appreciate quality. Definitely a gift to impress!
  • Nautical Chart Marble ClockNautical Chart Marble Clock
    For the person who enjoys nautical decor in the boater’s home or office, these clocks display a piece of the nautical chart from your favorite boating grounds.
  • Boatowners ManualBoatowner’s Manual
    Every boat owner needs this!
  • Clear Dry BagsClear Dry Bags
    Clever and extremely practical!
  • Explorer ReliefBand

    Explorer Motion Sickness Relief Band
    Cure seasickness without drugs!
  • Global Fix Cat 1 EPIRBGlobalFix iPRO Category I GPS-Enabled EPIRB
    The safety device that no boater should be without! This is the best EPIRB out there right now IMO, and perfect for any Boater on your Gift List whom you’d like to keep safe!
  • Sailing World Dr Crash CalendarSailing World’s Best of Dr. Crash Calendar
    A fun and economical gift idea from Sailing World!
  • Weather StationTraditional Weather Station
    Combines the beauty of traditional brass instruments with the practicality of always knowing when the weather is right for boating!
  • Model SchoonerModel Schooner
    A perfect gift for the lover of model ships.
  • Brass Harbormaster TelescopeBrass Harbormaster Telescope
    As beautiful to look at as to look through!
  • Old Town Guide CanoeOld Town Guide Canoe
    I wish I had a canoe like this to explore the Adirondacks with!
  • Canoe Kayak SailCanoe and Kayak Sail
    Finally, canoeing and sailing are brought together– a gift for kayakers or canoeists.
  • Loose Fit RashguardLoose Fit Rashguard (Men’s)
    Comfort makes boating more fun!
  • Women's Loose Fit RashguardWomen’s Paddling Rashguard
    No more scratchy itchy rashes after a long day of paddling!
  • Mini AnchorMini Anchor
    Wish I had one of these in my canoe — gift list anyone?
  • Water glovesNeoprene Water Gloves
    Cozy warm gloves are one of the best gifts for boaters.
  • Pelican Dry CasePelican Dry Case
    A great gift idea from a company who really knows boaters!
  • Paddle GripsNeoprene Water Gloves
    Trust me, they’ll appreciate these!
  • Ships WheelShip’s Wheel
    A ship’s wheel makes the perfect gift for a pirate (or pirate at heart!)
  • Nautical-bookendsNautical Bookends
    Fun nautical decor!
  • Antique-Desk-GlobeAntique style Desk Globe
    Sail the world, or give it as a gift!
  • Christmas CardsThe Perfect Christmas Cards for a Boater
    Christmas gifts for boaters by boaters!
  • Galileo Thermometer BarometerGalileo Thermometer and Barometer
    This is how they told the weather hundreds of years ago– and it was probably a lot more accurate than all that rubbish on the interwebs, too!
  • Rooftop Kayak Santa OrnamentOutside Inside Kayak Santa Ornament
    Perfect Christmas Gift for Kayakers
  • Personalized Surfing Santa OrnamentPersonalized Surfing Santa Ornament
    Everyone appreciates a personalized gift for boaters!
  • New Boat Owners KitThe New Boat Owner’s Kit
    Step #1 gift for the new boat owner is right here all in one beautiful package!
  • Teak Logbook CoverTeak Logbook Cover Engraved with the Name of their Boat
    Perhaps my favorite gift for boaters of all types!
  • Small Craft Safety Bag
    Small Craft Safety Bag

    Safety makes a great gift!
  • Navigation SextantNavigation Sextant
    Sextants are sexy!
  • Combination Fishfinder ChartplotterCombination Fishfinder/ GPS Chartplotter
    Fishing made easy!
  • Personalized Embroidered Crew ShirtPersonalized Embroidered Crew Shirts
    Just because you don’t sail like a professional doesn’t mean you can’t look like one! Magically transforms the crew of even a dilapidated dinghy into a well-oiled racing machine (at least that’s that they’ll look like around the bar in the evening!)
  • FastFind PLB
    FastFind 210 GPS Personal Location Beacon
    A great gift for the boater who appreciates safety and likes cool gadgets!
  • Clamp-on Rod Holder
    Clamp-On Rod Holder

    This gift idea keeps your rod at the ready for anytime a fishing opportunity should arise!
  • West Marine Gift Card
    The West Marine Gift Card

    West Marine is like a Mecca for boaters; they have literally everything you could imagine for boating, fishing, sailing, etc. If you can’t choose a boater gift, give ‘em a gift card to West Marine and you can’t go wrong!

  • Sailing Racing WatchClear Start Sailing Watch
    OK, it won’t make your boat go faster, but it just might help you be the first over the line– and as we all know, sometimes that’s all it takes!
  • Boat Shoes Gift
    Men’s Billfish Boat Shoes

    The perfect pair of boat shoes makes for a perfect gift for boaters.

  • Handheld Floating VHF Radio

    Sure, all boaters use VHF radios, but how many have one this cool?

  • Fisherman’s Vest & PFD

    Is this the perfect gift for a fisherman?

  • Men’s Full Finger Sailing Glove

    Sailing gloves are a great gift for boaters that make boating more fun. Play the video to learn about why this makes a perfect gift idea!

  • Cruisers-FishingFishing for Cruisers
    Fun book will teach you how to fish from your boat, whether you’re cruising the Caribbean, the San Juan Islands, or anywhere in between!
  • Tacklebox OrnamentFishing Christmas Tree Ornaments
    Cute and fun Christmas Gift for Fisherman.
  • Seylor Standup PaddleboardStand-up Paddleboard
    Born in Hawaii of a marriage between surfing and traditional hawaiian canoes, Stand-up Paddleboarding is one of the hottest water sports right now, so a Paddleboard would make a great gift idea for someone who loves water sports!
  • Pro Packlite PaddlePro Paddle
    This pro paddle is a gift idea for serious kayakers– or those who would like to become one!
  • Composite Kayak PaddleComposite Multi-part Paddle
    This strong, lightweight composite paddle makes a great gift for all your kayaking friends, and it comes apart for easy storage and transport!
  • Sit-on-top angler fishing kayakFishing Kayak
    A kayak for fishing? Yep, it’s true — the avid fisherman knows a quiet lightweight boat that can go anywhere is a great way to find the fish! Another recommended gift for fishermen!
  • Tsunami Touring KayakTouring Kayak
    When choosing a kayak gift, look for one that is light, fast, and comfortable — this model from Wilderness Systems provides all three and is currently on sale at!
  • Waterproof MP3 PlayerWaterproof MP3 Player
    What does a boater or watersports-lover do when they want to listen to music? Give them the gift of tunes even underwater with this super-cool waterproof MP3 Player!
  • Inflatable Kayak Deluxe PackageInflatable Kayak
    This isn’t just a gift for kayakers– deflated, this kayak gift can fit anywhere, tuck it away in the corner of your boat or car, and it’s ready for shallow-water explorations!
  • Expedition Inflatable KayakAdvanced Frame Expedition Inflatable Kayak
    Here’s my review of this kayak: awesome, awesome, awesome!!! The Advanced Frame Expedition Inflatable Kayak combines the strength and agility of hard-shell kayaks with the portability of an inflatable. Perfect gifts for boaters!
  • Digital Fish ScaleDigital Fish Scale
    Another one for our gifts for fishermen list — for the fisherman who actually wants to tell the truth about how big it really was!
  • Ultimate Tackle BoxUltimate Tacklebox
    This may just be the perfect tacklebox, and therefore makes a great gift for any fisherman in need of a little organization, but also finds its way on to our list of the best gifts for boaters– since all boaters could benefit from this kind of organization!
  • Gear VestGear Vest
    Keep all of your boating gear right at hand.
  • Nervous Waters DVDNervous Waters DVD
    THE classic of fishing cinema makes it on to our list of recommended gifts for fisherman.
  • Saltwater Fishing LuresSaltwater Fishing Lures
    Lures for fishermen are like shoes for women: you can never have too many, because each one has a unique purpose!
  • Oversized Sailing CalendarOversized Sailing Calendar
    GIANT wall calendar with big beautiful pictures of sailboats — is it the best gift for sailors?
  • Storm TacticsStorm Tactics
    Another great gift for sailors, this is a classic of the sailing literature– one of the best to get you through the storms!
  • Ships Bell ClockShip’s Bell Clock
    Classy clock makes a great gift for boaters or anyone who appreciates nautical gifts or nautical home decor!
  • Barometer ComfortmeterBarometer and Comfortmeter
    For the boater who appreciates fine nautical instruments, there’s no better gift than the Weems & Plath Endurance Series.
  • Handheld Brass TelescopeHandheld Brass Telescope
    A classy gift for the traditional mariner and nautical decor gift!
  • Personalized Message in a BottlePersonalized Message in a Bottle
    Personalized gifts for boaters make every occasion special!
  • Pirate-Bed-SetPirate Kids’ Bed-in-a-Box
    Here’s a gift for kids who love pirates!
  • Glass BuoysNavigation Sextant
    Sextants are sexy!
  • wooden-compassBrass Gimballed Compass in a Box
    This is a compass like they used to make ‘em! It’s not the kind of compass you get as a gift for a boy scout, but a real boater will know and appreciate this nautical gift item.
  • antique-floor-globeAntique Floor Globe
    A Globe that’s destined to sit in a library, a wood-paneled study, or a nautically-decorated home.
  • ship-in-a-bottleShip in a Bottle
    The classic nautical gift!
  • Life RingDecorative Life Ring
    Nautical home decor makes a great gift idea for anyone who loves the sea!
  • Fishing-NetFishing Net Decor
    Try draping this around your home and –voila– instant pirate’s booty!
  • Model Square Rigger Wooden ShipModel Square Rigger Wooden Ship
    Another great gift for a model ship builder.
  • Kayak WorktableKayak Worktable
    If you’re looking for a gift for a kayaker who also enjoys fishing (or the other way around), then this “kayak worktable” is perfect! Turns any kayak into a fishing kayak by giving you a stable safe and convenient workspace to manage your fishing gear.
  • Nautical FlashcardsNautical Flashcards
    Here’s a fun gift idea for a new boat owner: flashcards that will help them quickly and painlessly learn everything they need to know.
  • Kayaking Santa Christmas OrnamentKayaking Santa
    Christmas gift for kayakers.
  • Model Sea Witch ShipSea Witch Model Ship
    Who knew model ship gifts could be so cool?
  • Sail Trim BookSailing Trim
    Great gift for the racing sailor, or the cruiser who cares about going fast!
  • Mariners WeatherMariner’s Weather Book
    Weather is everything for a sailor– this book will help them learn how to know what’s coming, even without a weather report!
  • Heavy Weather Sailing BookAdlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing
    This books is THE classic on sailing in heavy weather (storms and high winds), and a must for any sailor who’s going to spend some time out at sea.
  • Sailing Knots Wall HangingSailing Knots Wall Hanging
    What a fun way to learn sailing knots! Best gift for new sailors learning to sail, or anyone who likes nautical home decor.

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