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MeHi, I’m Emily! Gifts for Boaters.com is all about unique, creative gift ideas for boaters and others who love water: sailors, canoeists, kayakers, fisherman, etc.

I created this website after years of having friends tell me how much they appreciate my gift ideas: “You’re so creative!” they’d say, and marvel at why they could never come up with such ideas themselves. But the truth is that I spend a LOT of time browsing shops and the Internet for gift ideas, staying on top of the hot items for all of the hobbies that my friends enjoy– boating, hiking, climbing, etc., and searching for that perfect find.

Finally, I decided it was time to give back, and I created this website to make it easier for others to show the boaters in their life how much they appreciate them. Because there’s nothing like that feeling you get when a friend or loved one opens your gift and shouts, “It’s PERFECT!”, beaming with joy.

We all deserve that feeling more often! So I hope you’ll use this website as a starting point for finding a gift that will make someone feel really special!

How to use this website:

The website is organized into different categories according to the type of gift, the recipient, occasion, or price range. For example, you can browse gift ideas for a new boat owner, gifts under $50, or nautical Christmas gifts.

Under each category, you’ll find lists of gift ideas, with a picture, a short description, and a link for further information. For each gift, I’ve searched around the Internet to find the online store currently offering the best price, sticking to good quality reputable stores like Amazon, West Marine, REI, and the like. Click the link to see the current price.

How you can help:

If you find this website useful, please consider giving something back so that it might be even more useful for others in the future: I LOVE FRESH IDEAS!! Did you give a gift recently that worked particularly well? Find a roundup of gift ideas elsewhere that you liked? Are you a boater and would like to say what you’d like this year? I appreciate any and all suggestions: please feel free to comment on a post or send me an email.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the website!


3 responses to “About GiftsForBoaters.com”

  1. Joe Adams

    Hey Emily,

    I am interested in covering your products for the Christmas edition of Sailing Today. Please send me an email if you would like to talk more about this.

    Kind regards,

    Joe Adams
    Sailing Today.

  2. Jennifer

    Hi Emily,

    I was just wondering about a gift for my boyfriend, he is a sailing instructor and really needs a new life jacket. I was thinking of getting him one, but I’m worried he will think it is a dumb gift, because if he asked his parents they would probably just buy him one,
    I dunno :( help!


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Your Gift Guru ;-)Hi, I'm Emily! Friends have always told me that I give great gifts, so one day I decided to see if I could put that creativity to work helping out other people. This blog combines two of my favorite things: fun on the water, and giving gifts. I hope you find the site useful!

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